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Don’t let the Florida heat overwhelm you! We service the Century, Florida area with air conditioning repair services. If your AC is malfunctioning or off completely, it’s time to get a professional involved. We will drive to your home, troubleshoot the issue, and get your air conditioning back up and running. Our approach is to do a quality job at a good price.

KadeCo Inc.
Century, FL 32535

Century Air Conditioning Services

We offer three primary categories of service with air conditioning: repair, installation, and maintenance.

AC repair is needed when it’s broken or malfunctioning. Usually this means your home is too warm and the AC isn’t running.

AC installation is when we install a new AC unit in a new home build, or a homeowner is simply upgrading their AC.

AC maintenance is primarily for check-ups and prevention. This can help avoid bigger and more expensive problems down the road.

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Why is KadeCo the best choice for AC repair in Century?

KadeCo is dedicated to providing you with quality service at a fair price. We offer free quotes on all jobs to give you an estimate of the cost of our repair work. KadeCo also has 25+ years of experience, giving us the professional skills and know-how to fix any problem.

About Century, FL

Century is position directly north of the Escambia River. What began as a small sawmill town in the panhandle of Florida has become a town with modern homes, businesses and livelihoods. Century borders the Alabama town of Flomaton, with U.S. highway 29 running through the middle of both towns.

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