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Welcome to KadeCo Inc, Pensacola’s premier HVAC contractor! Whether your air conditioner is on the fritz or your heater is giving you the cold shoulder, our team of friendly and experienced technicians has got your back. From quick repairs to comprehensive HVAC services, we ensure your home stays comfy year-round. Trust KadeCo Inc for reliable, speedy, and downright delightful service that puts your comfort first!

Pensacola’s #1 AC Contractor Since 1978

If you’re in Pensacola and looking for the best HVAC contractor, look no further! KadeCo Inc. has been Pensacola’s top choice since 1978 for all your AC needs. We pride ourselves on being professional and offering a level of experience that stands out among other HVAC companies in the Florida area. Our comprehensive services ensure your comfort is always our top priority. We’ve got you covered whether you need AC repair, installation, or maintenance.

Our systems are designed to give you great comfort, and our customers highly recommend us for our reliable services. With over four decades of experience, we understand our customers’ unique needs in the Pensacola area. Choosing KadeCo Inc. means choosing a contractor that puts your needs first. We offer a variety of HVAC services to meet your year-round comfort needs. 

Testimonials from our happy customers in Florida show why we’re #1. Each year, we strive for excellence, ensuring that your comfort isn’t just seasonal but a year-long guarantee. Our team’s dedication to providing unmatched cooling and heating solutions makes us one of Florida’s most trusted HVAC companies. So, when considering your comfort, turn to the professionals who’ve been Pensacola’s go-to for over 40 years. You’ll experience firsthand why our customers highly recommend us. Don’t wait any longer; your need for an efficient HVAC system is just a call away from KadeCo Inc.!


We believe top-notch A/C and HVAC solutions shouldn’t have a hefty price tag. That’s why we’re committed to providing efficient service and reliable solutions at affordable prices. With transparent pricing and honest advice, we prioritize your comfort and satisfaction. Our affordable solutions will keep your home cool and comfortable without breaking the bank.

Our Services


HVAC Repair

When your HVAC system malfunctions, prompt and reliable repairs are essential to restore comfort to your home. Our expert technicians specialize in diagnosing and repairing various HVAC issues, from faulty thermostats to compressor failures. With meticulous attention to detail and swift solutions, we ensure your HVAC system is back up and running efficiently in no time.

HVAC Installation

Investing in a new HVAC system is a significant decision, and our team is here to guide you through every step of the process. From selecting the right system for your home to precise installation, we handle it with expertise and care. We aim to install your new HVAC system seamlessly, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency for years.

HVAC Maintenance

Regular maintenance is key to prolonging the lifespan of your HVAC system and preventing costly repairs down the line. Our comprehensive maintenance services include thorough inspections, cleaning, and tune-ups to keep your system at peak efficiency year-round. Trust our experienced technicians to keep your HVAC system running smoothly and reliably.
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HVAC Repair

When winter gets cold, a broken heating system can freeze your home. Our experts are skilled at finding and fixing heating problems, such as broken ignitions or messed-up thermostats. With prompt and efficient repairs, we ensure your home stays warm and cozy throughout the colder months.
Heating and Air Conditioning Installations

HVAC Installation

Are you planning to upgrade your heating system? Our team is here to help you select the right system for your home and install it with precision and expertise. We offer a range of options to suit your needs and budget, including furnaces and heat pumps. Trust us to install your new heating system seamlessly, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency.
Seasonal maintenance for furnace heating system

Heating Maintenance

Ensuring your heating system runs smoothly is important. We offer thorough maintenance services, including inspections, cleaning, and tune-ups. This keeps your system ready for cold nights. Our proactive approach guarantees your home stays warm in winter. You can rely on us for comprehensive care. We understand the importance of a comfortable home. Trust us to keep your heating system in top condition.
ceiling air duct vents in an hvac system

Air Duct Installation

Properly installed air ducts are essential for efficiently distributing heated or cooled air throughout your home. Our skilled technicians specialize in air duct installation, ensuring optimal airflow and comfort in every room. From design to installation, we handle every aspect of the process with precision and expertise, ensuring your home’s HVAC system operates at peak efficiency.
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Air Duct Repair

Damaged or leaky air ducts can compromise the efficiency of your HVAC system and lead to uneven heating or cooling in your home. Our experienced technicians specialize in air duct repair, sealing leaks, and restoring optimal airflow throughout your ductwork. With prompt and reliable repairs, we ensure your HVAC system operates efficiently and effectively, keeping your home comfortable year-round.

Experience Unmatched Comfort and Quality

At KadeCo Inc., we believe that when it comes to your HVAC system, your experience should be nothing short of great. That’s why we’re committed to providing you with unmatched comfort and quality, whether it’s through professional air conditioning installations or timely ac service. Our customers, many of whom highly recommend our services, often leave glowing testimonials praising our dedication to their HVAC needs. When the heat of summer or the chill of winter strikes, you can count on us to ensure your home stays comfortable all year round with our top-notch hvac maintenance and repair services.

Your satisfaction is our top priority; it shows in every installation and repair we perform. We bring years of expertise in cooling and heating to the table, ensuring that every detail of your HVAC system is optimized for peak performance. Let’s face it, there’s nothing quite like stepping into a cool, air-conditioned home on a hot Pensacola day or feeling the warming embrace of your heater during a cold snap. Experience the difference that quality makes with KadeCo Inc. and join the ranks of our happy customers who can’t stop talking about their improved comfort.

So, if you need professional air services, from installations to HVAC maintenance, don’t hesitate to contact us. We guarantee that your experience with us will be a great one, filled with the unmatched comfort and quality you deserve. Get ready to enjoy your home like never before!

Comprehensive HVAC Services for Your Home
At KadeCo Inc., we get it—home is where the heart is, and comfort is key! That’s why we offer comprehensive HVAC services that cater to all your home’s needs. Whether you need AC repair to handle Pensacola’s sweltering summers or heating services to keep those rare chills at bay, our professional air experts have covered you. From meticulous HVAC maintenance to top-notch installation services, our team ensures your systems are in peak condition year-round. 

Do you have air ducts acting up? We provide duct repair and duct replacement to keep air circulating smoothly. Our furnace and cooling solutions are designed to give your home energy-efficient comfort. HVAC maintenance is essential, and we’re among the few companies that prioritize it.  Speaking of priorities, our skilled technicians handle everything regarding installation, service, and maintenance services. From seamless installation services to efficient HVAC maintenance, we ensure your installation and replacement needs are met excellently. 

So the next time you search for HVAC companies that deliver professional air solutions and superior service, remember KadeCo Inc.—your go-to for HVAC services in Pensacola. Your systems are safe with us, from duct replacement to precise installation. We’re dedicated to providing energy-saving heating services and cooling solutions that make your home a sanctuary. Contact us for HVAC services and experience ultimate home comfort with KadeCo Inc!

AC Repair, Installation, and Maintenance

Welcome to KadeCo Inc., where our primary mission is to keep your home breezy and cozy all year round. When it comes to AC repair, AC installation, and HVAC maintenance, we’ve got the skills to pay the bills (and reduce them, too). Picture this: it’s a scorching summer day in Pensacola, and your ac decides to strike. No sweat! Well, a lot of sweat. But that’s where our air conditioning repair heroes swoop in. Whether it’s a full-on hvac repair or just some quick repairs, we’re here to save the day.

Our team specializes in all things air conditioning. From precise installation to thorough maintenance, our crew ensures your system is always in top-notch condition. And if you’re looking to upgrade, our AC installation services make transitioning to a new system smooth as butter. We’re talking about installation so good that your home might throw a housewarming party!

Regular maintenance services are crucial to extend the life of your air conditioning system. Our comprehensive HVAC maintenance plan includes everything from routine check-ups to emergency repair, ensuring your AC is always ready to combat the heat. We bring the cool, and you enjoy the comfort. Remember, with KadeCo Inc., top-tier service is just a call away. Trust the experts who treat your home as their own for all your AC repair, installation, air, and maintenance needs.

Efficient AC and Heating Services

Florida’s Trusted HVAC Contractors
When keeping your cool in Florida, trust the team at KadeCo Inc, your go-to HVAC contractor in Pensacola. Our HVAC contractors are not just professionals; they’re magicians with air. From the summer scorchers to the unexpected winter chills, we’ve got you covered with our top-notch HVAC services. Whether it’s air conditioning or heating, we provide comprehensive HVAC solutions to ensure your comfort all year round. Thanks to our dedication and exceptional service, we’re the HVAC company Pensacola customers highly recommend. At KadeCo Inc, we bring experience handling all types of HVAC units, providing professional air conditioning and heating repair and maintenance. Our cooling and heating services are designed to keep your systems running efficiently, saving you money on energy bills. We understand how crucial a well-functioning HVAC system is, especially in the Florida heat. That’s why our HVAC contractors are trained to deliver quick and reliable services, minimizing downtime and maximizing comfort. The team at KadeCo Inc. is committed to offering premium HVAC services that meet your needs. We take pride in being the company customers can rely on for all their HVAC needs. Experience the difference with KadeCo Inc., where your heating, cooling, and overall comfort are our priorities. We’re not just contractors but your neighbors, dedicated to making Pensacola a better place, one satisfied customer at a time. Don’t let Florida’s extreme weather get the best of you—trust KadeCo Inc’s expert HVAC solutions today!

Why Choose Our HVAC Contractors?

Ever wonder why KadeCo Inc. is Pensacola’s go-to for all things HVAC? Well, let me break it down for ya! We’ve been rocking the HVAC game since 1978, and let me tell you, we know a thing or two about keeping your air crisp and your heating on point. Our HVAC contractors are like the superheroes of comfort, swooping in with their capes to ensure your HVAC system is running smoother than a greased lightning bolt.

Other HVAC companies might have some experience, but we have that extra pizzazz that makes us stand out. Whether it’s repairing your AC, fixing your furnace, installing a new heat pump, or just making sure those pesky air ducts aren’t clogging up your system, we’re the pros you need. Our professional air technicians are always ready to swoop in and save the day.

Don’t just take our word for it. Our customers have left some great testimonials, praising us for our top-notch AC and heating services. Our mantra? Your comfort is our command, and that’s why our HVAC contractors are committed to ensuring you experience comfort like never before. We do everything, from cooling to heating, ensuring your air is always right. Choosing KadeCo Inc. means choosing great service, top-notch experience, and unparalleled commitment to your comfort. With us, your HVAC needs are always in the best hands!

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