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KadeCo. Inc is here to help you do all your heating repair work in the Pensacola area. Our furnace repair technicians have years of experienced and are well-trained on all systems. We are ready to take care of any heating issue that you encounter and will provide the best service you will experience in the Pensacola metro area. We’ve been getting the job done right since 1997.

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Having problems with your furnace, heat pump, or boiler, in the Pensacola area? Call or text (850) 516-7552 or contact us online to speak with a heating expert at KadeCo. Inc!

Signs your furnace needs a repair

Even though Pensacola summers can be hot, it gets downright chilly in the winter season. Make sure you are monitoring your furnace to make sure it’s operating at peak condition. Call our team if you suspect any of the following issues:

Gas smell

This can be a sign of a dangerous leak in a furnace’s heat exchange. This can lead to carbon monoxide flooding your home and putting your family at risk. Make sure to call right away!

Furnace isn’t turning on or running

This is an obvious sign, but one of the most common signs a furnace needs repair. If your electric or gas heating system is simply not turning on, make sure to check your emergency shut-off and breaker. Toggle them off and on. If the system still does not turn on, contact KadeCo to find the source of the problem.

Weird noises

If you start to notice strange banging, rumbles or any other odd noises coming from your furnace – you may want to have this checked out. This can often be a sign of a loose fan motor, broken belt, or other issues related to your heating system.

Electric bills skyrocket

If you notice your monthly utility bill is much higher than usual in the winter months, there’s a chance your furnace could be the culprit. It’s normal for super cold temperatures to cause higher electricity use due to runtime and the severity of the weather. However, if it’s only a moderately cold temperature (like Pensacola experiences on an annual basis) and your bills are still spiking – there could be an underlying problem with furnace filters, airflow obstructions, etc. Give us a call if you suspect this is an issue!

Hot & cold spots in your home

If you notice that one room in your house is oddly hotter or colder than the other rooms, there’s a chance you are dealing with uneven heating. Many homeowners overlook this sign and wait until a furnace is completely broken. Avoid expensive replacements and get proper repair done to your heating system.

Yellow pilot flame instead of blue

A healthy furnace pilot light will look blue when you observe it. If it appears yellow instead, this can be a sign that carbon monoxide is mixing with your air/fuel ratio and disrupting the efficient burn process. This can have health hazards such as nausea, headaches and even death. Having a yellow flame should be taken seriously, and we advise having a professional technician take a look.

Puddles of water near furnace

If you find water on the floor near your HVAC system, you should contact a technician right away. These leaks can stem from a few places, including from a damaged heat exchange or compromised seal on an evaporator coil. Both need a professional skill set to repair.

Our Heating & Furnace Repair Services in Pensacola

We want to keep your family warm and toasty during the coldest of winter days with our heating repair services at KadeCo. As professionally trained technicians, we provide services related to furnaces, heating systems and more, including:

Why Choose KadeCo for Heating Repair?

Getting the job done right every time is the core of our business model. Getting your heating and HVAC equipment running in short order is the reason we started the business. Since 1997, KadeCo has been a leader in quality service and honest prices.

You can schedule a heating repair online today or text/call us at (850) 516-7552, whichever you are most comfortable with! We serve homeowners in the Pensacola Beach, Gulf Breeze, Navarre and Ft. Walton areas as well.

Heating Repair FAQ

How long will my heating system last?

While it depends on the make and model of your system, heating professionals estimate that a furnace will last for 12 to 15 years. If you properly maintain your furnace, this can be extended even longer.

How much do furnace repairs cost?

Cost of a furnace repair always depends on (a) how bad the problem is and (b) how many parts are needed to fix the issue. KadeCo is committed to giving you a range of options and not trying to sell you a product you don’t need.

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